One Spirit...
            Many Containers

  Building bridges of understanding
between people of all faiths.

Reverend Stacy Lee Goforth

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  • Have you ever wondered what happens to people of other faiths when they die?
  • Are you curious about what other faiths teach?
  • Is religion even important?

Come experience the Interfaith difference.  Explore the teachings of other faith traditions from an unbiased view.  Rediscover the beauty of your own religion as you experience the underlying Spirit of Truth contained within all the true religions.  Develop a deep respect for people of other faiths, open your heart to truly love all people.

“Religion is a container for the Spirit of Truth, and that same Spirit surrounds and fills all the containers. The purpose of those containers is to bring people together and help them understand and have a relationship with the Divine Essence.” 

Rev. Stacy Lee Goforth, “Many Containers”

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